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"The Bud Fried Tower not only earns a no-brainer thumbs-up recommendation at its price point, but I find it to be competitive with any box speaker I’ve evaluated under $6k." ...Dick Olsher, 11/11/13, The Absolute Sound read the full review
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Sleek, clean lines and a narrow footprint for aesthetics that fit almost any decor
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Transmission line design providing the ultimate in placement flexibility
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Bud Fried's design philosophies evolve to take sound reproduction to an entirely new level

About Us

Fried History

The story of FRIED begins with the story of Irving "Bud" Fried.

As a young boy, Bud fell in love with the art and science of sound reproduction when he first heard Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra emerging from the large theater horns of his father's movie theaters.

Later, when Bud attended Harvard University, he fell under the sway of Professors Hunt and Pierce who, under a Western Electric research grant, were conducting monumental research into high fidelity phono reproduction.

Based on the advice of Victor Brociner, co-founder of Fisher Radio, Bud become the official importer of the Lowther corner horns, the creations of P.G.A.H. Voight. A year later, he expanded his offerings and began importing the revolutionary Quad electrostatic.

At the suggestion of Saul Marantz, the IMF (Irving M Fried) trademark was registered in 1961, a trademark that was eventually applied to many advanced developments in music reproduction: cartridges (IMF - London, IMF - Goldring), tone arms (SME, Gould, Audio and Design), amplifiers (Quad, Custom Series), loudspeakers (Lowther, Quad, Celestion, Bowers and Wilkins, Barker, etc.)

In 1968 a British branch of IMF was opened. This combined Anglo-American company produced the now legendary IMF Monitor, the first truly wide band loudspeaker the world had seen (examples of which are still being used today).

In 1975 the English and American divisions of IMF were split, and the trademark FRIED was thenceforth used on all of Bud's designs. The new designs were based upon the same inexorable laws of acoustics that had created the IMF Monitor in addition to new technology as it became available. FRIED benchmarks include the Model H System, the first modern satellite/subwoofer system, the Model M (1977), the first satellite transmission line subwoofer in one unit, the SUPER Monitor (which many still consider to be one of the premier speakers of our day), and the B satellite series (1976 to 1979).


At Fried Audio, our mission is to preserve, protect and advance the art and science of loudspeaker design first pioneered by Bud Fried. We are committed to incorporating the latest technology to build upon Bud's legendary design concepts and philosophies in order to develop audio loudspeakers that advance the state of the art.

Bud Fried

Bud devoted his life to advancing the art and science of sound reproduction and is recognized as a pioneer in the industry.

Fried White Papers

The following documents spell out Bud's philosophies regarding speaker design. Read what the legend had to say...

What About Loudspeakers

Further Reflections on Loudspeakers


Introducing the first in a new series of Bud Fried designs...

bud fried tower



Bud Fried Tower
Design MTM 2-way Quarter Wave Tube Transmission Line
Drivers (1) Hiquphon OW2F, (2) Peerless Exclusive 7"
Response 35Hz - 20KHz (+/- 3db)
Sensitivity 88db
Impedance 4 ohms nominal
Min Amplification 35 watts tube/50 watts solid state
Alignment Mass-loaded quarter-wave transmission line
Weight 58 pounds each
Dimensions 45" H x 8.5" W x 14" D (including spikes)

World-class drivers

Bud Fried earned a reputation for utilizing the best price/performance drivers in the world. Oskar Wrønding, former head of product development for ScanSpeak and current owner of Hiquphon, developed a special ferro-fluid version of his incomparable OW2 dome tweeter especially for Bud's designs. We are proud to continue the Fried relationship with Hiquphon and selected the Fried OW2 tweeter for this new design.

To complement the Hiquphon tweeter, we selected a driver from the Peerless Exclusive line. This 7” woofer features an integrated phase plug and offers low distortion and very smooth response. Bud would have liked this driver's near flat impedance curve, the result of lots of copper in all the right places.

Impeccable crossover design

The best drivers in the world are only a starting point. The heart and soul of a great speaker is a crossover that delivers seamless driver integration for smooth response from top to bottom. Bud was a champion of series crossovers and we remain true to his crossover design philosophies.

Transmission line cabinets

Bud Fried was a true audio pioneer who brought transmission line speakers to the masses. While complicated and costly to develop, Bud recognized the very real advantages of TL designs - smooth and relaxed midrange response, excellent bass extension and ease of placement. We utilized the latest software design tools to model and develop this new line of Bud Fried speaker cabinets. TL all the way!


The Bud Fried Towers are priced at $3495 per pair in a standard finish and $3695 in a dyed finish (see finishes below). Totally custom finishes are also available upon request.


Bud Fried speakers will be sold through a network of quality dealers specializing in high performance audio. We are in the process of selecting and constructing the participants for the Inaugural Fried Products Dealer Network.

Check back soon for information about additional authorized dealer/partners.

In the event that there are no Fried dealers in your vicinity, you can order direct from us. Simply use the form to the right to place your order

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